Best Cattery

Best Cattery is a very important part of our pet boarding business. Probably known more for our Best Kennels we have pleasure in introducing ourselves and our services to; our feline loving friends. Having developed our Best Kennels brand and because we are DUALLY ADDICTED

About Us

We decided to ensure that our feline companions now have a safe, secure and loving place to stay while their slaves are away on holiday or travelling for business.

We keep asking our customers

What is the most important aspect of boarding your cat when you are travelling?

You all answer differently but when we discuss it further you all agree that security as being number one, space as number two and health and personal attention as number three.

Best Cattery will ensure your pet gets all the above and much much more in our purpose built cattery.

Our cattery is located on our forty acre farm in a beautiful peaceful setting only 12 minutes from Dublin Airport, Swords and Ashbourne.

Each of our cat units is two metres tall, two metres deep and one and a half metres wide. All our guests have their own cosy apartment within and each apartment has an individual thermostatically controlled heat pad and fitted fleece bed. While each guest will be aware of their next door neighbour they cannot see or touch each other. We never allow our guests to have contact with each other at any time nor do we have a common exercise area as we know absolutely that this is not safe.

Our staff are all fully trained adults who have years of experience in caring for cats and know how important kindness and cleanliness are for our cat boarders.

All cats coming to board with us must be full vaccinated by a vet and all must be neutered.


As cat lovers we presently own two cats.

Trouble. As the name suggests this rescue cat has earned the name. Often found in the office and always in the wrong place at the wrong time you might( if unlucky) come across him. Known to hide on top shelves and launch himself off at the wrong time or can be seen demonstrating who really is boss around here to our 52 kilo Rottweiler .Trouble is approximately ten years old and has so far used up his nine lives plus around one hundred more.


Fire. Aptly named as we found him the week I set fire to our lovely living room trying to make a cup of tea for my wife. While I don’t recommend this method of getting out of domestic duties I can guarantee that it absolutely works. Feeding this little fellow twice a day is a sure way of checking that I can remember back to a Sunday morning about five years ago even if the wife didn’t remind me on a regular basis.

Our previous cat Tiger lived from 1986 to 2006 and shared three houses with us.

While with our dog guests we tell our customers that their pets will leave here with a waggy tail we don’t say this to our cat owners.


We will however guarantee that they will get all the love and attention that they need to ensure that they are safe, healthy and happy on your return.


The best way to book your pet’s stay with us is by telephoning Declan as we try to treat every pet individually. As you know your pet best, the extra information will be of great help to us in taking care of them. Feel free to use our submit form below to check availability.

Please note that pets are normally checked in and out between 9 am and 9.30am Monday - Saturday inclusive or between 5 pm and 5.30 pm seven days.

Pets must have all vaccinations up to date and certified by a vet.


Best Cattery

Prospect Hill, Garristown
Dublin, Ireland
Phone: (01) 835 5733
Mobile: 087 2547527